Summerfest teams up with Penfield

NOW: Summerfest teams up with Penfield

You might call it an eye and ear-opening experience at Milwaukee’s Penfield Children's Center.

Summerfest brought a musician over, maybe showing the kids a few instruments they had not heard before. Penfield, like Summerfest, is celebrating a milestone, 50 years of serving Milwaukee children.

Many of them with developmental issues or disabilities.

 "Music is such a big part of the day for our kids and that they can see it, they can see the excitement of the performance, that they can feel it. So many different instruments for them to engage with.  But then also that they can hear it and interact in that way.” says Jason Parry of the Penfield Children’s Center. 

Jason parry says music helps foster creativity in children and allows them to play and learn at the same time.  He says in 50 years, Penfield has served more than 30,000 local children.

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