Students tour new Bucks arena as part of Mayor's "Earn and Learn" program

NOW: Students tour new Bucks arena as part of Mayor’s “Earn and Learn“ program

The construction site for the new Milwaukee Bucks Arena had some visitors today.

About 30 high school students, led by Mayor Tom Barrett, toured the site.

It's part of the Mayor's "Earn and Learn" program which is designed to give young people an idea of what kind of jobs might be available to them in the future. 

"It gives them something where they can start dreaming. They can say well maybe someday I can be part of something this big. Because for every worker who is working on this project, they're going to remember it for the rest of their lives," said Mayor Barrett.

The Earn and Learn students are already doing jobs at City Hall over the summer months, earning a wage and participating in educational programs every week.

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