Strip Club Fight Caught on Tape, Club Faces License Suspension

CBS 58—Texas Jay’s Gentleman’s Club could lose their license for 90 days after an April 2 fight, which was caught on surveillance video.

The police department requested the license be revoked after investigating the fight and found that club staff did not call 911, even though two men were knocked unconscious.

Milwaukee’s Licenses Committee made the recommendation for the 90-day suspension Tuesday night after a roughly three hour hearing. The alders heard testimony from the club’s owner, police and the victims of the fight. They also saw that surveillance video.

The video shows 27-year-old Jeremy Calteux, who was at the club with friends, punched out by another customer. A friend of Calteux’s is knocked out about a minute later. The security footage shows both men unconscious on the floor. Other club patrons then drag the men to another room. Police testified that the two men remained unconscious for up to eight minutes. No one at the club called 911.

The club’s general manager, Ryan Urban, testified that no one called police because staff did not see the men get punched. Urban also claimed Calteux’s friends said he was just drunk and asked them not to call 911.

According to police, Calteux was taken to the hospital the next day, and suffered two skull fractures and a brain bleed. He spent four days in intensive care and 11 days in the hospital. Calteux also testified Tuesday and said he had weeks of physical and speech therapy, and still cannot work..

“We're disappointed,” said Christopher Stawski, Calteux’s attorney. “We feel that the video showed some very disturbing evidence. We feel the evidence showed a lack of cooperation on the part of the establishment to render care.”

Nick DeSaito, an assistant city attorney for Milwaukee who represented the police department at the hearing, also stated that Texas Jay’s did no cooperate with the investigation. To date, he claims there are two security videos that police have been able to access.

However the attorney for the club, Michael Whitcomb, says Urban and other club staff did what they could to break up the fight.

“You know you have to resolve the situation the best you're able,” Whitcomb said. “And there's no obligation on the part of the license to hold on to customers if they consider them to be injured to wait for the police to arrive.”

The recommendation will now go before the full city council. Whitcomb says he hopes the full council will decide not to suspend the club’s license.

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