Storms Become The Norm for The Next Week

We got a little spoiled over the last week or so, didn't we?  High pressure gave us some beautiful weather. But this is all changing as a cold front sets up shop for the next week across the area.

The storm chances increase as soon as this afternoon.  There is a risk of even a stronger storm with heavy rain, gusty wind, and possible hail.  One computer model puts down a lot of rain, especially north and west of the metro the next few days.  Perhaps one to three inches are forecast.  However, another model has only a few tenths of an inch.  Sometimes it's hard for the weather data to handle convection like we'll be seeing.  But realize any one storm can put down a lot of rain in just a short time.

Even through the holiday weekend we can't escape the chance of thunder and lightning.  This is a great time to download our free CBS58 weather app. You can also see where it's lightning on the radar.

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