Stolen artwork reinstalled at MCTS bus shelter

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – A beautiful piece of artwork that was stolen from a MCTS bus shelter is back up where it belongs.

Crews finished reinstalling Gloria Ruiz-Santos unique design, “Colorful Serape”, on a bus shelter at 6th and National in Milwaukee Thursday afternoon.

The piece was stolen on September 10 by a man who was caught on surveillance video riding away from the crime scene on a MCTS bus. One day after the thief’s image was featured on the news, someone returned the stolen art to the shelter. However, the art was badly damaged and needed to be replaced.

"I'm so excited that my artwork is back up on the bus shelter, adding even more bright colors to this already vibrant and diverse neighborhood," Ruiz-Santos said. "I'm grateful for everyone who has shown support for my work and the innovative Bus Shelter Art Project that MCTS kicked off over the summer.”

Milwaukee police are still looking for the criminal.

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