State Patrol Warns Drivers to Slow Down in Construction Zones

CBS 58—The State Patrol is warning drivers to slow down, after several crashes in a construction zone along I-41 in Washington and Fond du Lac counties.

It's a busy time of year on the roads, with people on summer vacations and low gas prices, which can also make it a more dangerous time.

“I think they're [other drivers] driving kind of recklessly and carelessly,” said Magi Hennes, who drives through the construction on I-41 every day.  “It's very hectic, it's busy, it causes a lot of drivers to not be alert.”

Hennes also works at a rest stop and hears customers complain about the stretch of interstate.

Wisconsin State Patrol Sgt. Scott Gouin says it is big problem, people driving too fast and following too closely in the construction zone

“I think the most common accident in a construction zone is rear end collision,” Sgt. Gouin said. “So I think if people focused on the vehicle in front of them and increase the following distance, wear their seat belts, it'll eliminate some of those distractions we see.”

In the last three weeks, several serious crashes in Washington and Fond du Lac counties. A total of three people have been killed. On Tuesday a three car crash sent eight people to the hospital.

“It can be frustrating, people are usually in a hurry, not focused on what's going on around them,” said Sgt. Gouin.

Not only do speeding fines double in a construction zone, it's against the law to use your phone unless it's hands free. The State Patrol has multiple officers watching the area.

Hennes says she just does her best to watch the drivers around her.

“I have to be extra alert,” Hennes said.

The State Patrol also wants people to remember that if you see an accident, move over and slow down. Don't take out your phone to try to take pictures or videos.

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