State Fair fun and educational amid spotty rain

NOW: State Fair fun and educational amid spotty rain

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- State Fair-goers said a little rain didn't scare them away from having a good time at the first Saturday of the Wisconsin State Fair.

For some, it was more than just a fun weekend event, but an educational event.

"Oh we're just walking around eating, having fun with the grandkids, all my grandkids are here, so we're having a family outing today," said fair-goer LaKita Sparks.

Like many, LaKita and her granddaughter Amara Sparks said they came to the fair for cream puffs, rides and fun.

In addition to all the fun at the fair, however, were live demonstrations.

"I signed up to do the dairy demonstrations here at the State Fair because I'm really passionate about teaching the public about agriculture, specifically the dairy industry," said Dairy Lane Dairy Expert Serenity Hetke.

Hetke got a chance to show people of all ages how to milk cows and goats.

"So many consumers are so removed from their food source that they don't even know very much about where their food comes from," said Hetke.

She said it's especially important for young kids to get a chance to learn where food comes from.

"It helps them understand that the ag industry is not a bad place and see people that are really passionate about it when they're just kids," said Hetke.

Kids like Ava Sigl and her family.  Ava said the best part was tasting the goat cheese and getting to see the goats.

"They were cute," said Sigl.

She said she also learned a lot about where food comes from.

"First they had to take a sample from the goat to make sure the milk was good, and then they had to sanitize," explained Sigl.

The fair continues Sunday with Billy Idol and the Foxies headlining at night.

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