Starving Artists Take Note: How about $2500 for Your Work?

\"Art in The City\" Plein Air Milwaukee allows artists to show off their work and maybe even be paid for it.  Big time.  $6000 overall is up for grabs with the top art prize worth $2500.  This is the second year for the event, featuring artists from across the Midwest. This type of artistry captures the true essence of an outdoor area.  In this case it's Milwaukee's east side.  I had the chance to work with one of the featured artists from near the Oconomowoc area.  She helped me paint a tall plant at St. John's on The Lake.  It come alive on canvas.

If you're interested in submitting your artwork, you have until Wednesday at 4:00 pm to do so.  Click on the attached link for more information.  The winners will be announced Thursday evening at St. John's.  It's part of a soiree running from 6 to 8:30 pm.

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