Star Wars Day Busy for Wisconsin Garrison

NOW: Star Wars Day Busy for Wisconsin Garrison

It’s a big month for Star Wars. Today, May 4th is Star Wars Day. (May the Fourth Be With You). Next Saturday, May 13th, is Star Wars Day at Miller Park. May 25th is the 40th anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars movie in 1977.

Hales Corners’ Scott Huber is excited. He’s part of the 501st Legion, Wisconsin Garrison, a costuming club focusing on film-accurate Imperial Star Wars costumes.

“I am a Sand Trooper, which appeared in Star Wars: A New Hope.” Said Huber. “We were the guys in the desert, looking for those droids.”

His other suit is a Snow Trooper.

“All of our kits are fan-made.” Huber said. “Specific garrison members are dedicated to making sure our costumes are up to where they should be in terms of accuracy.”

The components of the costumes need to be fitted to each person’s body.

“You need to fit the plates to your individual arm because not everyone is the same size,” said Huber. “The do have to fit so you can actually move. Otherwise you can get plate pinches called ‘trooper tracks.”

The 501st Legion’s other major mission is charity. As they’re all dressed as the Imperial force, the bad guys in the Star Wars universe, these are ‘bad guys doing good.’

“We very rapidly discovered that we could use our excitement and the public’s excitement to really affect some positive change.” Huber said.

Since 2012, the more than 11,000 members have raised more than $900,000 and volunteered more than 182,000 hours worldwide.

The Wisconsin Garrison has a busy month. Star Wars Day is filled with appearances:

                1:30 PM – Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

                5:30 PM – Middleton Public Library

                6:00 PM – Waunakee Public Library

                6:30 PM – Books & Company, Oconomowoc

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