Spring Primary is Tuesday

Wisconsin's spring primary is Tuesday. Voters will narrow down the field of candidates in several local races and one statewide contest. 

The race for the state's top education official, state superintendent, is the only statewide race on the ballot.

Tony Evers is the incumbent. He's seeking his third term in office.

His challengers are Lowell Holtz, a former Beloit superintendent, and John Humphries, the director of state and federal programs for the Dodgeville School District.

Recently, this race has received attention for controversial claims made between Holtz and Humphries.

Humphries alleged Holtz made him a job offer to drop out of the race.

Holtz has denied the claims but it's been back and forth since. 

"For someone to think that I would consider dropping out and abandoning my faith, family and friend…anybody that knows me, that’s absolutely ridiculous," says Holtz.

"I’m not interested in that proposal. I am not interested in doing business that way. I’m very upfront. I hope voters can see that," says Humphries.

Evers had this to say about the controversy, "It bothers me and if it bothers me I’m sure that it bothers people all across the state. We don’t need this in our political system."

Polls open Tuesday at 7 AM.

Click here to find your polling location. 

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