Spectators gather to watch fireworks on the lakefront

 MILWAUKEE-- Before the bounce houses, and food trucks by the sign at Veterans Park, there were the Lemmermanns.

\"For the prime real estate 6:30-7:00 AM is when it starts to fill up,\" said Jeff Lemmermann.

The Lemmermanns have spent the last 15 years in the exact same spot at Veterans Park.

\"Everyone should come down and try to experience it, at least once,\" said Kim Fox-Lemmermann, Jeff's wife, \"and then you'll be hooked there on out, it's a great time.\"

Armed with tents, gazebos, a portable grill, and lots of food-- the Lemmermann's section of the park becomes an outdoor living room.

\"It's a big pot luck,\" said Kim.

Just one of thousands of families who enjoy the Lakefront fireworks show each year.

\"We wouldn't trade the day for anything, it's our favorite holiday,\" said Jeff.

A holiday weekend tradition they'll continue for years to come.

\"15 years strong and we're going to keep on going,\" said Kim.

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