Speaker Ryan's Briefing on Healthcare "Trumped" by Questions About the President's Conduct

Speaker Paul Ryan says while he's well aware of the protests against repealing Obamacare, a replacement will be crafted this year.

"We've been doing this many years in Wisconsin," the Janesville Republican said of peaceful protests. "We're used to this where we come from. Obamacare is collapsing. Deductibles are so high, it doesn't even feel like you have insurance."

The congressman went on to say the time frame to implement the replacement is what they can't pinpoint.

He said that makes the confirmation of Tom Price as Health and Human Services Secretary all the more vital to Republican leaders.

As soon as the speaker opened it up to questions, the subject changed to President Trump and how his demeanor and actions will be interpreted by the rest of the world.

For example, when it comes the president criticizing the media on a lack of reporting on terror attacks, when national networks say their archives show the exact opposite.

"I'm gonna do my job. I'll let you guys do yours in terms of what your report. The fact is we do have a war on terror. We do have ISIS trying to conduct acts of terror across the globe."

Then he was asked about President Trump's personal criticism of the judge who blocked his refugee executive order.

"He's not the first president to get frustrated with a ruling. But, he's respecting the process. I think that's what's counts at the end of the day."

Three Federal Judges will hear oral arguments regarding the travel ban.

The ninth circuit panel is expected to rule on the immigration order Tuesday evening.

Attorneys General for Washington and Minnesota challenged the ban.

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