Southeast Wisconsin faces first notable snow of the winter

NOW: Southeast Wisconsin faces first notable snow of the winter

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- People across southeast Wisconsin are dealing with snow Tuesday night, Dec. 28.

Workers were shoveling lots at local grocery stores while people like Alison Lux finished up their shopping before the roads got too bad.

She said she wasn't expecting it to pile up like it did.

"Well I thought actually it was going to not snow but rain, but I did get out and do some salting in the driveway, and my daughter and I were just saying how beautiful it is," said Lux, going on to say it's a little late though. "I wish it had been at Christmas but it's nice to have it after, too."

Elsewhere, as plows clear the falling snow, people are doing some late holiday traveling to see family -- like Matthew Miller, who's still on the road visiting from Iowa.

"We kinda had a heads up the storm was going to be here from my brother," said Miller. "We came through Madison, up through 151 into Madison then down 94 -- 151 was a little more harder to drive, definitely had some issues there."

He said at times things got rough.

"Definitely issues changing lanes, but otherwise mostly it was just wet," said Miller.

Which is why he, and many others, are taking it slow.

"Definitely some slower drivers out there, so kinda have to be prepared for them, as well as just the slick lanes," said Miller.

In Milwaukee, the Department of Public Works said road temperatures mean they likely won't see freezing, but they're monitoring the situation.

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