Some Wisconsin Fundraising Efforts Slowed by Nice Weather

For many folks in Wisconsin, the holiday season is about giving to charity and helping those in need. But, one of the largest non-profits is worried they won't be able to meet their goal. The Salvation Army in Milwaukee says their Red Kettle Campaign is well-below their goal, and there is only a month left.
It may sound hard to believe, but the Salvation Army actually blames the not-so-bad weather we've seen this season. They're still more than one-million dollars away from their goal.
"We haven't had any snow and we kinda think that might have a little bit to do with getting folks right in the giving and the Christmas spirit," said Faithe Colas with the Salvation Army in Milwaukee.
The Salvation Army set a goal of $3.9 million, they've only received a little more than $2 million and The Red Kettle Campaign is entering it's final month. If the money doesn't come in, they say programs may have to be cut. 
"We wouldn't want them to be food, shelter or clothing, but that's what we do for the community," Colas said. "We provide food, shelter and clothing, so it would be in one of those areas."
The tradition in West Allis, known as Candy Cane Lane, has been helped by the nice weather.
"I mean, you want the little bit of snowfall to give you that little magical wonderland, but a lot more people are out walking now. They're getting in their cars with their family, they're having car loads come through," said Rachel Hawver, who lives on Candy Cane Lane.
Their goal is $100,000, money that will go toward the MAACC Fund for childhood cancer research. They also take food donations to help the hungry.
"It is a great cause," Hawver said.
You can donate to the Salvation Army through their website at or by texting "Milwaukee" to 41444. Candy Cane Lane is being put on through December 27.
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