Small Town Racine ranks fourth in nation for women owned businesses

Racine is using a little girl power to revitalize the city.

\"Seeing my dream and I got so passionate about it, because they were so passionate too.\"

Tina Sagal owns “Tina's Dress Boutique” and it is attracting customers from all over the state. Kenya Mcrae is just steps away from putting her unique machine “Scantribution” for non profits into production.

\"We have the currency counter, the printer, fax, scanner machine, as well as the check reader and debit card reader,\" Mcrae said.

Nearly a quarter of Racine's businesses are owned by women. The most popular type are restaurants, daycares, and boutiques. Many bring in half a million in revenue each year, and their secret to success is really quite simple.

\"It's no one organization that stands out in my mind because all of them work together,\" Mcrae said.

It's teamwork. Mcrae uses a co-op building called Launch Box where new business owners share space for almost free if they don't have an official office. Tina partnered with a florist until she could rent her own place. Both received help from Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation, an organization that helps the underserved write business plans and get funding.

\"When you can come to work and really truly help someone put their dreams to work, we use that as our tagline but it really is what we do and the empowerment that we are able to give people in doing what we do and changing lives,” Regional Project Director at WWBIC Heather Lux said.

The city edged out hot spots like Washington D.C. and San Francisco for business women. The feat is especially important as many women raise families alone.

\"It's a way for people to really create a job, and security and income for their families,\" Lux said.

Mcrae is already seeing the impact

\"I'm leaving a legacy for my son,” she smiled proudly.

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