Small but strong babies part of new campaign to cut down on infant mortality in Milwaukee

They may be small, but they've got a strong message. On Monday, CBS 58 News got to meet some of the pint sized stars of the City of Milwaukee's latest \"Strong Baby\" campaign.

The bright eyed and curly haired Mylah Braswell will be among the faces you'll be seeing in the months ahead urging prenatal care and healthy habits to end infant mortality.

\"It's nice to be able to spread the message of healthy babies in Milwaukee,\" Mylah's mother Jenna Heimen told CBS 58 News. \"Because we're proud of our healthy baby and if it can help someone else, we're happy to do that.\"

It's been a continuing effort over several years between the City of Milwaukee and Serve  Marketing which knows that nobody can resist a baby.

A cute face, with a surprising photo and strong message might just persuade adults to listen.

The United Way of Greater Milwaukee has also been instrumental in the public awareness campaign as part of the the Milwaukee Lifecourse Initiative for Healthy Families (Milwaukee LIHF.)

There are ten precious winners from some 300 babies who auditioned.

So, keep an eye out for  Karon (19 months), Mila (11 months), Aimee (15 months), Kaden (12 months), Zoe (17 months), Hunter (12 months), Mylah (8 months), Tyson (11 months), Hudson (9 months), and Marli (14 months) each received a $200 U.S. savings bond and will appear in future Strong Baby ads and messages online and in the community.

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