Slender Man stabbing defendant ruled "incompetent" to stand trial

WAUKESHA -- Led into Waukesha County Court again in handcuffs, 12-year-old Morgan Geyser listened to testimony of her ability to stand trial.

\"She's young and she's inexperienced and there's things she doesn't understand,\" Dr. Kenneth Robbins testified Friday.


\"Her meaningful ability to be of assistance in her defense became a concern,\" Dr. Brooke Lundbohm said.

Geyser could face an attempted  homicide charge in adult court for the May 31st stabbing that nearly killed her friend and drew international interest.  But prosecutors must first prove she understands the legal process and cares about her defense.

\"Despite our very serious conversation she would laugh hysterically almost,\" Dr. Lundbohm said.

Two mental health professionals individually interviewed Geyser in June.

\"They certainly take fantasy to an extreme level,\" Dr. Robbins said.

Robbins said Geyser seemed strangely \"giddy, and almost happy\" during his interview with the defendant.

\"Her primary concern was with her relationship with Slender Man,\" Robbins said.  \"That she doesn't really care what happens to her prison sentence because of this power she believes she has with Vulcan mind control.\"

Doctors said the corrections staff often hears Geyser talk to herself, adding she believes mythical characters and animals are real.

\"I'm satisfied the experts' opinions are credible, I'll accept them,\" Judge Michael Bohren said.  \"Based on the totality of the evidence and  testimony I find that Ms. Geyser is incompetent.\"

But both doctors agreed she could become competent soon.  The court temporarily ordered Geyser into treatment and evaluation, possibly  including medication, at a state facility for the next three months.

\"I think we're going to have a pretty good picture in the next 90 days of what the issues are and what the psychiatric functioning is,\" defense attorney Anthony Cotton said.  \"I think we're going to have those answers relatively quickly.\"

The court suspended all activity on Geyser's case until November 12.  That's when they'll evaluate Geyser to see if she has become competent, something both doctors believe will happen.

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