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Shorewood woman cited after ponies injure three at Elm Grove Memorial Day Parade

A 66-year-old Shorewood woman was cited for failing to obey a traffic officer when she ignored the officer's orders to not enter the parade route during the Elm Grove Memorial Day Parade.

The Shorewood woman was directing the ponies and carriage that ended up getting out of control crashing into parade attendees.

The woman directed her horses and carriage into the parade route against the flow of the parade and eventually lost control of her horses when turning the horse and carriage around in the road. The horses kicked the carriage and became injured and increasingly agitated.

The horses were unable to be controlled and eventually ran off and struck and injured three people watching the parade.

Elm Grove Police say that the ponies would never have gotten loose if the woman had followed officer's instructions.

The woman was cited for $98.80 and has an optional Municipal Court appearance on June 21.

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