Shorewood man charged with child pornography, stalking of juvenile

SHOREWOOD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Police say a Milwaukee County man cyber-stalked a Shorewood High School student and forced him to have sex with him.

Department of Justice officials say the now 19-year-old created 16 different social media accounts to harass the teenager.

Officials say it was so bad the teen actually moved out of state.

According to a criminal complaint, Matthew Cullen-Williams portrayed himself as several different girls online and started “dating” the victim.

The Shorewood High School student admitted to sending nude photos to who he thought were girls.

But the complaint goes on to say, Cullen-Williams threatened the student, telling him if he didn’t have sex with him he would send those sexually-explicit photos to his classmates.

The teen told police Cullen-Williams would drive by his house and even showed up at the school.

Cullen-Williams admitted to police to creating multiple fake social media accounts and sending messages to the teen.

Cullen-Williams is due in court on Thursday. He is charged with felonies including possession of child pornography and stalking someone under the age of 18. 

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