Sheriff Clarke Responds to a Lawsuit Filed Against Him

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is responding to a lawsuit filed against him earlier this month.

The man behind the suit claims Clarke abused power after an incident between him and the sheriff at Mitchell Airport.

CBS 58 received a response for each and every claim made by Dan Black, the man suing Sheriff Clarke.

Black claims Sheriff Clarke had him detained after an exchange on a flight from Dallas last month and violated his constitutional rights.

Black claims he shook his head at Clarke while boarding a flight in Dallas because Clarke was wearing a Dallas Cowboys logo this was the same day the Packers were playing the Cowboys in the playoffs.

Clarke denies that claim due to a lack of knowledge.

After the plane landed in Milwaukee, Clarke admits he was waiting by the gate at Mitchell Airport when Black got off and also admits he motioned six deputies toward black to stop him.

The sheriff denies Black was interrogated instead saying deputies had a conversation with the Milwaukee man.

The recent court filing does not deny deputies asked black about his political opinions, but the sheriff denies those opinions where the reason Black was singled out.

Clarke also denies he threatened Black on social media with these posts.

A court hearing on this civil case has been set for March 23rd at 10 AM.

This lawsuit response comes at the same time Sheriff Clarke released his book "Cop Under Fire."

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