Sheriff Clarke Issues Statement On Parking in Handicap Space

Sheriff Clarke issued a statement on Thursday for parking in a handicap space on Veterans Day at the War Memorial. 

Clarke's Statement:

I pulled up in front of the War Memorial, got out of my squad car and directed a Captain to move the vehicle and properly park it.  That order was not followed. When I came out of the Veterans Day event and noticed the vehicle still there and found out that my order was not followed, I ordered a county citation be written on the vehicle. Citation # 755472. 

I paid the fine of $35 and since the city parking fine exceeded that ($200) I made a personal donation to an organization that works with the disabled.  That $235 total exceeds the city parking violation. I would rather the money go to a private org working with the disabled than to government. I have copies of all receipts.

The rules are the same for my squad as any car except in an emergency or official business but not in a handicap area.

In addition I ordered an internal investigation for my order not being followed.

That is inexcusable.

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