Sheboygan man on drugs jumps into ambulance and strips naked

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Sheboygan man has been charged after hitting a paramedic and stripping naked inside an ambulance. 

On Wednesday, February 20 Sheboygan Officers were called to North Fifth Street for a request by EMS of a combative patient. When officers arrived they found 39-year-old George Harris lying naked in a snow bank on the side of the road with a Sheboygan Fire Department member holding him still. 

Paramedics told police they were called to Harris' house and he told them he needed to go to the hospital because he was having a seizure. The paramedics did not see any signs of a seizure. Harris insisted he go to the hospital but wanted to take a taxi instead of the ambulance. 

As the paramedics were completing paperwork, Harris ran towards the ambulance in a frantic state and climbed inside. He then began to tear off all his clothes until he was naked and hit one paramedic in the face. After getting hit in the face, the paramedic let Harris stay inside the ambulance by himself. 

After a little while, Harris got out of the ambulance while still naked and ran up to his house. Someone prevented Harris from getting inside the house so he ran back to the ambulance where a Sheboygan Fire Department lieutenant "guided him" into a snow bank.

Harris was taken to the hospital and said he didn't remember anything that happened. He then yelled at police and tried to grab the officers taser. Harris was tased and told the officer he had another seizure and didn't remember what happened.

After performing a tox screen, doctors determined that Harris had "agitated delirium" likely due to methamphetamine and amphetamine drugs in his system. 

Harris has been charged with battery to an emergency worker and resisting an officer.

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