Sheboygan man charged in death of 4-year-old girl enters 'not guilty' plea

NOW: Sheboygan man charged in death of 4-year-old girl enters ’not guilty’ plea

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- It's been one month since Cordelia Kuether, 4, was hit and killed while stopping to pet a dog on a walk with her mother in Sheboygan.

On Wednesday, 23-year-old Nathan Heitzmann, the accused driver, entered a not guilty plea inside Sheboygan County Courthouse.

Heitzmann is facing a single felony charge on one count of knowingly operating a motor vehicle while suspended, causing death.

"Observing all jurisdictional objections, we'll enter a not guilty plea to that sole count on behalf of Mr. Heitzmann," his attorney said.

The crash happened April 12, near 21st and Saemann Avenue between a pickup truck and a minivan. 

Officials said Heitzmann failed to stop at the intersection and collided with the minivan, which then jumped the curb and struck Kuether. 

Court documents reveal when the accident occurred, Heitzmann was driving on a suspended license.

According to the criminal complaint, the DMV had sent Heitzmann a letter on March 8 informing him of the suspension, and another on March 27 that added another violation.

In the documents, Heitzmann told officers, "I can tell you what exactly happened, this is my fault," and continued on to acknowledge responsibility, adding, "let's just go with I was suspended and I'm still driving, and I shouldn't be."

A GoFundMe, which is now closed, raised over $38,000 for the family. 

If Heitzmann is convicted, he could face up to six years in prison, a fine of up to $10,000 dollars, and a six-month driving suspension.

He is expected back in court later this summer. 

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