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Shadows of Watergate looming over Trump White House after guilty plea from former staffer

Political observers say shadows of Watergate looming larger over the Trump White House.

On Friday, Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with the Russians.

Flynn also revealed that he's cooperating with Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

CBS News reporting that he will testify that he was directed by members of the President's transition team.

ABC News reporting that Flynn claims it was the President himself.

"It seems to be building in a similar direction," said Professor Paul Nolette of Marquette University. "Piece by piece,  more gets revealed and the entire story gets closer and closer to the president."

Web Extra: Local analysis after guilty plea from Michael Flynn from CBS 58 News on Vimeo.

Political observers say it is remarkable the level of turnover and suspicion that has plagued the White House in just the first ten months of the Trump Presidency.

Watergate took two years to bubble up to Richard Nixon's resignation in the face of certain impeachment.

But how close are we really to that now?

"I think I would still put it at a 2 or 3," replies Nolette. "Pretty low out low out of ten. The reason is in order for an impeachment to happen there would have to be a lot of republicans I don't think they're there yet."

Nolette says republicans in the mid term election could get hurt if the President can't turn things around in terms pf public perception and approval ratings.

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