Severe weather sweeps through SE Wisconsin Tuesday

NOW: Severe weather sweeps through SE Wisconsin Tuesday

Updated: 7:28 a.m. on Wednesday, November 11

SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- As the sun came up on Wednesday, November 11, the damage from storms on Tuesday, November 10 became more visible.

In Walworth County, there were several reports of trees down.


Posted: 4:37 p.m. on Tuesday, November 10

SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Fast-moving, strong storms are passing through southeast Wisconsin Tuesday, Nov. 10. 

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Severe weather passed through parts of Walworth County Tuesday evening.

CBS 58's Emily Thornton shared video of wind and rain whipping. Shortly after, an emergency alert was shared and a tornado warning was issued until 4:45 p.m. 

No major damage was reported, but one road is blocked off on State Highway 36 near Springfield and East in Lyons Township. The fire chief says it will probably be closed until Wednesday morning. 

The chief believes the wind caused some electrical poles to snap. He says they were dispatched around 4:30 after a woman's truck got wrapped up in fallen electrical wires. She was able to get out OK. 

About 11 miles away, in Williams Bay, the storm forced part of a tree onto a nearby home. 

Neighbors on Vernon Street were surprised and a little scared that it happened.

"I was just looking for my cat and I couldn't find him, so I decided to go back inside and it was really weird, just a lot of rain and then I just heard a big thump," said resident Aidan Sternberg. "I turned around and I saw my neighbor's house, an entire branch had just fallen on it."

In Milwaukee County, CBS 58's Mark McPherson caught some dark skies over the Miller Park COVID-19 testing site. 

The site closed early, at 5 p.m., due to the severe weather. 

The storm also did some damage in Kenosha, where CBS 58's Cearron Bagenda spotted downed and uprooted trees Tuesday evening. A power line came down with it. 

The people who live there say they usually park their car in that location, and feel lucky that they decided not to Tuesday afternoon.

The storm was strong enough to not only snap a tree in half, but it uprooted another large tree in the backyard. 

The National Weather Service had a tornado warning out for Kenosha and its surrounding areas until 5:30 Tuesday evening. 

People who saw the storm say it only lasted about 15 minutes, but they heard the powerful winds.

They say they hunkered down inside their homes. 

Eduardo Reyes, who saw the tree in his front yard snap, says he headed straight for the basement, and lost power.

"It's crazy, yeah, it's kind of scary that these huge trees -- I mean the one just snapped right in half, and to uproot the other one -- I mean good thing it didn't hit their cars or their house," said neighbor Danielle Friend.

Witnesses say the wind came in waves, picking up and then dying down before picking up again. 

They say they're thankful the storm passed rather quickly.

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