Severe Storm Threat Continues Today

The calendar start to summer is here. Summer, otherwise known as the Summer Solstice, officially began Sunday at 11:38 am our time. It was a beautiful start to the season here in Milwaukee. Check out this shot down by Atwater Beach in Shorewood from Sunday.


A boundary is lifting north as a warm front through the state. With warm and humid air in place along with a breezy south wind, the atmosphere will be favorable for strong storms to develop. Here's the surface map during around noon across Wisconsin.


This first batch of storms provided rainfall amounts over an inch for some of our northern communities and gusty winds to 50mph. There were several reports of trees down near Sullivan and Fort Atkinson. From here we are monitoring the cloud cover. If we clear out and get back into sunshine, that could lead to the atmosphere heating up and re-charging, so to speak, for another round of storms as the cold front swings through the area late in the day. As the leading edge of that cooler drier air combines with the warm and humid air, a second batch of storms could develop. This next batch is still in question with the latest model data.

While all types of severe weather remain possible, the primary threats continue to feature heavy rain and strong winds.  Please keep a close watch on forecasts the next 24 hours. The entire CBS58 weather team will be monitoring the situation and will have the latest updates as storms evolve today.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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