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Several Milwaukee County Transit System programs see fare increase in 2018

MILWAUKEE COUNTY (CBS 58) – Some riders in Milwaukee County will be paying more for tickets in 2018.

The changes for the Milwaukee County Transit System fares went into effect on Tuesday.

The M-Card fare increased to $2.00. In 2017, it was $1.75. The New Freedom pass is also increasing to $1.00 a day and the paratransit fare is going up $0.50 to $4.00.

“Costs go up, so a year ago everyone across Milwaukee County started paying a $30 vehicle registration fee and some of that money MCTS got to help pay for our operating costs.” MCTS Chief marketing and communications officer Brendan Conway said. “So this just helps fill that in more to help pay for the transit system to run day to day.”

MCTS gives around 145,000 rides every day. Conway said he understands some people will not be happy with the price change.

“Not everyone loves the idea, we get that, but this is so we can continue to provide 40 million rides a year getting people to work, school and medical appointments,” he said.

The cash fare is not changing, it will remain at $2.25. The costs of the 7-day and 31-day passes are not changing. 

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