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Sentencing postponed for man accused of shooting Port Washington teen

NOW: Sentencing postponed for man accused of shooting Port Washington teen


OZAUKEE COUNTY (CBS 58) – The sentencing hearing for a man facing several charges including attempted first degree intentional homicide was postponed Monday morning.

Niyoktron Martin appeared in Ozaukee County Court where the judge denied his request to change his no contest plea.

Martin is facing charges of attempted first degree intentional homicide and attempted armed robbery in connection to an incident last May.

Authorities say 18-year-old Nikolis Wagner was sitting in his car when Martin and another man, Lavendar Blanks, told him to get out. Wagner didn’t and when he tried to drive away, Martin shot him.

A sentencing hearing was scheduled for February 28.

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SwagNY68 331 days ago
Well It’s done, That Sociopathic animal that tried to kill my child Got what he deserved. Maybe, Port Washington can rest a little easier tonight. I know I will. It’s been a very long process. With the defendant testing the Waters’s with the Judicial system. Lawyer after Lawyer, plea bargains, no contest, then saying he didn’t do it wanted a trial. Fired his lawyer the day before sentencing which was yesterday again( because he felt he wasn’t being represented properly. Which I made sure every right, every lawyer he had and everyone had their I’s dotted and their T’s crossed to make sure the Animal that tried to kill my child got a fair, speedy Trial. I wanted to make sure. Only to have it put off yet another day ( which was today for sentencing. I cannot tell you what a toll this has taken on me personally and my family) He is a very sick and twisted individual. No remorse. to get to this point. Don’t know what happened in his life for him to be the way he is, but I’m going to safely assume, he was born that way. I will forever be connected to that PO garbage that looked me dead in my face after the rampage that ai watched unfold from my upstairs apartment downtown Port Washington, who then fired the gun he stole from a deceased murder victim in Milwaukee few days prior he was involved it up at me to kill me. He Lost his game of grand theft auto. My child prevailed. Any donations please On Behalf of my Child are to go to “ Since Parkland Trace. .ORG which is an independent news organization dedicated to expanding of gun violence against our kids in the United States. It’s Non Profit. It’s a wonderful Project dedicated to the School age victims of gun violence ALL across the United States. Maybe we can make a difference and help many affected by this Epidemic heal, honor those that have fallen. Every one of these children DO matter. Their lives mattered. It anything it will surely open some eyes and maybe just maybe we as a nation can come together and put a Stop to this Unnecessary Violence somehow someway. Thank you for your support. Stacey Wagner
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