Second traveling beer garden coming to Milwaukee County Parks

With great fanfare, music, food and beer, the Milwaukee County Executive joined Sprecher and the Milwaukee County Parks Tuesday in announcing a second traveling beer garden for 2015.

This means that two parks will have stops each week of the eight-week tour.

At least 15 parks will be on the tour. 

Sprecher renovated some classic fire trucks the new addition has a great capacity.

\"It's got a huge tank,\" explained Jeff Hamilton from Sprecher, \"which will load 50 or 60 half barrels.\" 

His declaration was met with thunderous applause.

Sprecher will also be serving brats, and pretzels and other tasty treats from an ambulance.

County Executive Chris Abele began the traveling beer garden with the hopes of generating $100,000 last year. It wound up generating a quarter of a million dollars.

All the revenue the County receives from the beer gardens will go back into improving parks across Milwaukee County.

Sprecher was the first brewery to open after prohibition in Milwaukee. 

To mark the occasion of bringing a new beer garden to enthusiasts, they toasted with a 10 year old Abbey Tripel.

It's a rare kind of beer that gets better with age.

They then brought out a cake and sang to Abele whose birthday is tomorrow.

Then they had more beer.

Here is the schedule, weather permitting


l/Root River Area #1 Shelter and Deutzia Chalet – May 20-31 


Park and Gordon Park – June 3-14 

Grant Park and Doctors Park – June 16-28 

Juneau Park and Sheridan Park – July 1-12 

Greenfield Park and Mitchell Park Domes Plaza – July 15-26 

Holler Park and Brown Deer Boathouse – July 29-August 9 

Falk Park and Red Arrow Park – August 12-23 

Whitehall/Root River Area #1 Shelter and Greene Park – August 26 – September 7

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