School Damage Could Have Been Prevented

Parents and elementary students at Mitchell Grade School attended Tuesday night's open house at Wind Point school in Racine. The school has been vacant for the past year. Mitchell elementary students will report to Wind Point School Wednesday morning. Students will report for the next couple weeks until repairs are completed at Mitchell School after last week's massive fire.

\"This is an opportunity for our parents to get acclimated  to the new building for their surrounding. Parents and students come out, meet with their teachers, and get a feel for the building. As well as get an overlay for where the classes are at...And give them a sense to relieve some of that stress they have.\" Says Issac Kirkwood, Mitchell School Principal.

\"It's a lot different. A lot further away from home than their other school.\" Says Dan Jensen, Parent.

The fire from last Thursday morning could have been prevented. Fire officials say if the entire building had fire sprinklers, the blaze may have been already been put out or at least under control, when crews arrived. School officials in Racine say these claims are true. However, they are taking steps to move forward.

\"As we look at restoration further of that building further down the we make plans of what restoration looks like...We'll consider bringing the building up to current code.\" Says Stacy Tapp, Racine Public Schools

School officials say all inspections at Wind Point  School checked out okay, and the students seem to like their new surroundings.

\"It's amazing. It's nice all around. We have a new school. It's very nice.\"  Says Student Sam Jensen.

No one was hurt in last week's fire. The cause remains under investigation.

Middle School students at Mitchell are expected to report back to school on March 18th. Repairs at Mitchell School are expected to be completed by that time.




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