Same Sex Benefits...Are They A Guarantee Right Away?

\"To have or to hold” are wedding vows same sex couples are now saying in the state of Wisconsin. And now they're able to get the same benefits straight married couples have.

Edward and Collin Britt from Milwaukee married three years ago in Washington DC. But only on Monday after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling were they fully entitled to their benefits here. They say they're relieved and looking forward to adopting and raising a child.

And while benefits should be guaranteed at all levels, whether you're talking federal or state, there could be possible hang ups at your company. I spoke with the ACLU Thursday afternoon and was told you should be able to add your life partner on your insurance policy right away. If not, it's advised you have to be careful with your approach and not make demands.

The experts also recommend all married couples to contact an estate planner to get assistance in areas of taxes, wills, and trusts.

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