Salem School District student tests positive for COVID-19

NOW: Salem School District student tests positive for COVID-19

SALEM, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A first grade student in the Salem School District has tested positive for Coronavirus, according to a letter sent to parents. 

The Kenosha County Division of Health confirmed the student was exposed to the virus through traveling.

“This is a really difficult situation for everybody involved,” Connie Valenza, Interim District Administrator, said. “We’re very concerned about the student and their family.”

Tuesday night, March 17, the district notified staff and sent out a letter to first grade parents and a separate letter that did not release the student’s grade to all parents.

“It’s hard not to worry when you get that email,” Kaitlin Zobel, mother of Salem first grader, said. “It’s a little nerve-racking, but I wish I would know  what class the student was in.”

Based on information from health officials, the district said most of the students at the school are at low risk and do not need to be tested or quarantined for two weeks.

“Remain calm, remain in touch with your own symptoms at home and your own child’s symptoms as far as if they develop a fever and any of the symptoms and if they do to call their doctor,” Dr. Jen Freiheit, Kenosha County Health Officer, said. 

If the student is a first grader, the division of health is recommending checking the student’s temperature regularly and staying at home.

“It’s just scary because you don’t know,” Zobel said. “Right now my son doesn’t have any symptoms, so I’m just keeping a close eye on him.”

The district was planning on starting some remote learning on Monday, but that may have to be postponed.

Students were also going to be able to come back in the school and pick up chrome books and materials, but that has been canceled.

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