Safety feature on woman's phone dials 911 after driver slammed into the back of her car

NOW: Safety feature on woman’s phone dials 911 after driver slammed into the back of her car

FRANKLIN, Wis. (CBS58) -- Nineteen-year-old Abby Graffin says she was sitting in her car at a red light near 76th and Rawson Saturday night, February 27. Graffin says a driver suddenly rammed into the back of her car and left the scene.

“I just slammed into my steering wheel and obviously I got some pretty bad whiplash. My head went back as well. It just happened out of no where. It was really scary," Graffin said.

Graffin says her phone automatically dialed 9-1-1.

“My car went into crash mode, so I couldn’t move my car at all. I started freaking out.” 

Luckily, technology picked up that she was just in a bad crash.

“I also have Life 360 and I set up the crash detection actually like a week ago when the weather was really bad."

Graffin tells CBS 58 the driver who hit her made eye contact but didn’t help her.

“He pulled around me and kind of looked at me, I don’t know if he was signaling me to pull over but the he pulled into 7-eleven.” 

“The damage on my car, I don’t know how he didn’t think twice to make sure I was okay.” 

Graffin says she is still in shock. She's encouraging everyone to always have a safety plan.

“Make sure you have your safety contacts in your phone. I am lucky enough I was able to call someone, but I think also setting up any emergency service on your phone is probably your safest option.” 

CBS 58 reached out to Franklin Police. The investigation is ongoing. 

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