'Rolled Ice Cream' a family specialty at Paparazzi Ice Cream Shop

NOW: ’Rolled Ice Cream’ a family specialty at Paparazzi Ice Cream Shop

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Don’t be shocked when you call Paparazzi Ice Cream Shop in the Silver Mill Plaza and the voice on the other end sounds like a young child. 5-year old Essence Green is well trained for her role in greeting customers despite her age. Her three siblings have seen to that.

The ice cream shop, which specializes in “rolled ice cream,” takes the idea of a family business to the next level. As the children’s mother Clarissa explains, the entire idea was born from her children’s desire to become entrepreneurs. Now their effort is bearing fruit. The family is preparing to open a third location this year.

On CBS 58 Sunday, Winnie Dortch visited the Silver Mill Plaza location to meet the family behind the counter and sample what’s becoming a popular treat in the Cream City.

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