"Ripped my snowman:" Three people cited after damaging a snowman decoration in South Milwaukee

“Ripped my snowman: “ Three people cited after damaging a snowman decoration in South Milwaukee

SOUTH MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Three people were cited for damaging a South Milwaukee resident's snowman decoration. 

Tony Harper was home Saturday night when he heard,"a loud crunch." 

He looked outside and saw that a woman had ripped his snowman in half. 

Next thing he knows, she's walking down 17th Avenue with his snowman in her hand. 

"She was carrying it like it was her best friend or something," said Harper. 

Harper went outside and confronted the woman and the two people she was with. 

"I was like so, 'are you going to bring that back or are you taking that as a souvenir?'" asked Harper. 

According to the police report, the woman said "I'm sorry" and put the snowman down. When Harper asked if they would pay for the damage, the man started getting confrontational. 

South Milwaukee Police officers identified them from the bar they were at earlier that night. 

But this case of holiday vandalism took a surprising turn when they stopped by his house and offered to pay for a new snowman decoration.

"They came back and apologized and said it was a huge mistake and they felt really bad," Harper said.  

But police still cited all three of them of criminal damage to property. 

This holiday season Harper is focusing on what matters most. 

"After she came back I said I hope you have a good holiday and I appreciate you coming back and apologizing," Harper said. 

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