Milwaukee residents dig out after overnight snowfall

NOW: Milwaukee residents dig out after overnight snowfall

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- People in Milwaukee are cleaning up after the overnight snowfall on Tuesday, Feb. 16 and giving a helping hand to others.

“This is the most snow I’ve seen in years,” Bay View resident Christine Ledezma said. “Three years ago, my mother gave me this snowblower so I just had a tune up.”

On Tuesday, she put it to use.

“I just went around the block so I’ve made a couple of passes down there and I had stopped at a certain point, but then decided I’m just going to go to the end of the block since I’m out here,” she said.

One of her neighbors came out to shovel, but was surprised when Ledezma offered to do it herself.

“She literally flagged me, stopped me and said stop, I got you,” Alexis Carter said. “Opening the door and seeing all the snow is one thing, but usually my husband is available to do the snow shoveling and we currently ran into some health issues, not COVID related, but he’s currently hospitalized.”

Carter said she couldn’t be more thankful.

“The whole world is virtual, it’s a whole different experience, so kindness is one of those things that just goes so far,” she said.

Both Carter and Ledezma said they’d be more than happy if this was the last major snowfall of the season.

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