Republican lawmakers react to Gov. Evers' State of the State address

NOW: Republican lawmakers react to Gov. Evers’ State of the State address

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Governor Tony Evers called on republicans to work together to accomplish the goals he laid out during his State of the State address Wednesday night. 

Republicans tossed some cold water on some of the governor's announced plans, signaling that the strained relationship between the two branches of government may continue.

The governor announced that he will sign an executive order to establish a non-partisan redistricting commission. Following the speech, republicans called it unconstitutional and a fake and phony process. 

The governor is within his constitutional powers to establish the commission, but it's ultimately the Legislature that draws the maps. The Legislature will do that next year, but before that happens, the commission announced by the governor will present the maps it believes should be drawn. 

Evers also called for a special session next week to address the dairy and agriculture industry.

Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald said he's all ears on the bills, but Speaker Vos said it's a missed opportunity for the governor to find common ground with the Legislature.

"We know no details because it was done, really, for political purposes today," Rep. Vos said. "If you actually want to get things done, we've talked about this over and over. You bring people together, you talk about ideas, you actually try to formulate them together to come up with the ideas. We'll have to take a look, because I certainly don't know what's in them, but if he's finally paying attention to rural Wisconsin, that's something that most of us think has been a long time coming."

Republicans added that they believe the State of the State is strong because of their efforts to keep the governor in check.

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