Reptile owner’s Kenosha County home burglarized, 25 exotic animals stolen

NOW: Reptile owner’s Kenosha County home burglarized, 25 exotic animals stolen

KENOSHA, Wis. – (CBS 58) -- A reptile owner and educator is looking for 25 exotic animals.

Last week, a burglar came into his Kenosha County home and stole them.

“Two of my aquarium doors were wide open and then the blood rushed out of my head and I went into panic mode,” said Bill Stewart.

Stewart is a volunteer with the Madison Herpetological Society and works with the organization to care for the animals.

“Part of what we do is, take in animals that are surrendered by private owners that are confiscated. We get them checked and help them find good homes for them,” said Stewart.

Six snakes, 12 geckos, and a baby alligator were stolen.

Many of these animals were his own pets but the baby alligator belonged to the herpetological society.

Stewart lives in a Kenosha County that allows him to have these animals.

“The thing that I am having the hardest time with is that these were animals that I loved and I cared for and not knowing where they are. I hope they are being taken care of and I worried they are sitting in a box in the cold somewhere,” said Stewart.

Stewart believes it was a targeted burglary because the suspect(s) only took the animals and left the valuable property. The burglar also brought his own containers to take the animals.

“I want my animals back and I want to make sure they are healthy and they are okay,” said Stewart.

If you have any information about where the exotic animals might be, contact the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department. 

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