Reports: Avery Claims his Brothers May Have Killed Teresa Halbach

Steven Avery claimed his two brothers may have killed Teresa Halbach, according to TMZ.

According to the report, one of the brothers had a history of harassing women at the exact location where Teresa was found.

TMZ claimed to uncover legal documents in which he claims brothers Earl and Charles may have done the deed for which he's serving a life sentence.

He said both have a history of sexually assaulting women. Earl once pled no contest to sexually assaulting his 2 daughters.

Avery filed in 2009 after his conviction, brother Charles' criminal conduct and actions are even more problematic. He was charged with sexually assaulting his wife by holding her down and trying to strangle her with a phone cord before having intercourse with her.


According to the documents, all of these women were allegedly harassed by Charles within a month of the time Teresa Halbach went missing.

Steven also said his 2 brothers had a motive to frame him because they were fighting over the family business and were jealous he was on the verge of a multi-million dollar settlement for being wrongfully convicted of sexual assault.

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