Video: Kia stolen from parking lot at Whitefish Bay High School

Video: Kia stolen from parking lot at Whitefish Bay High School

WHITEFISH BAY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Whitefish Bay police say two juvenile suspects were arrested Wednesday afternoon, May 7, after stealing a vehicle and leading police on a chase.

A post on the Whitefish Bay Police Department's Facebook page says at 1:46 p.m. Wednesday, a gold Kia was stolen from the parking lot at Whitefish Bay High School.

The post indicates that the suspects arrived in a stolen black Hyundai, broke the window of the Kia, damaged the steering column and then stole that vehicle. Both vehicles drove away from the area and police chased after them.

Police were able to arrest two juvenile suspects after the stolen Hyundai became disabled, however, the Kia was not apprehended.

New video obtained by CBS 58 taken from inside Whitefish Bay High School shows the moment the Kia was broken into. People that live and work in the community say it's troubling to see.

"My car's in the shop right now because a part of my car was stolen," said Marina Loginoff, who lives in Milwaukee but works in Whitefish Bay. "I definitely feel for them, whoever's car that is. That's honestly shocking that someone would even think to do that; in a school parking lot."

Tevodis Carr also works in Whitefish Bay. When watching the video, he said it's disappointing but not surprising to see.

"Even over where I live (Glendale), there's more and more. They're breaking into cars and stealing stuff," Carr said. "It's weird man. There's such a different generation than what I grew up in. We weren't stealing cars and doing different things like that. We were actually working and doing different stuff."

Carr says something needs to be done to discourage teens from breaking into and stealing vehicles, along with other property that doesn't belong to them.

"Maybe a little harsher punishment for them doing that. Maybe it will teach them a lesson; stop messing with people's stuff. Stop touching stuff that's not yours," Carr said. "I'm one about giving somebody a second chance. I understand we all make mistakes, but come on man. In broad daylight and you're out messing with somebody else's car? You don't touch stuff that's not yours and it has to be a harsher punishment."

The social media post from the police department says no students at the school were near the suspects when the car was stolen. Charges in this case are being referred to the Children's Center.

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