Report: Passengers in MCTS bus crash felt bus speed up

Report: Passengers in MCTS bus crash felt bus speed up


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A newly released police report from Marquette University gives some insight into the moments right before an MCTS bus crashed into a Marquette University building back in May. 

Two passengers who were interviewed after the crash say it felt like the MCTS bus, driven by Calvert Campbell, sped up right before the crash. 

Campbell claims that the bus went into "high speed" and then he was having a hard time controlling the bus that crashed into a tree and then into Johnston Hall. 

Campbell told police he thought "this is it for me." Campbell also claims he never accelerated before the crash. A police report shows the bus was traveling 38 miles per hour right before the crash, but Campbell says he was only going 25 miles per hour. 

The report says after an investigation, it shows the driver braked once and accelerated twice leading up to the crash. MCTS spokesperson Brendan Conway says after an inspection by MCTS and an independent investigation, it was found there were no malfunctions with the bus. 

MCTS suspended Campbell for six months and he is now part of a "last chance" program. This means if he does drive again, he would be fired if he has another violation. 

Prior to the crash, Campbell had a clean driving record. 

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