Rep. Gwen Moore hears out constituents during listening session

GLENDALE (CBS 58) --  Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D) heard from constituents in the 4th District. She held a listening session at the North Shore Library in Glendale.

Milwaukee County voters packed the room to have their voices heard on a wide array of issues.

Regarding national topics, some had questions about border security and tariffs. Overnight, President Donald Trump called off plans to impose them on Mexico, if they agreed to tighten their border.

"I don't know what kind of deal was made, but I know it's our humanitarian responsibility to process people who are running from situations where there's no food, they’re starving to death," Rep. Moore said.

Some people in the room held signs demanding the impeachment of the president. Moore said Congress would continue its investigations. "The Congress is going to continue to do its job, conduct its oversight function."

People also brought up local matters.

"I'm very concerned about the issue of lead in our water, particularly in Milwaukee, but I know that it’s a problem throughout the state," said Terry Wiggins of Milwaukee.

A small business owner vented about not feeling supported by the City of Milwaukee. "We need equality, we need affirmative action, we need a fair place," said Eddie Hatch of Night Owl Services. "People that get opportunities in our community are those with connections."

Moore mentioned local races play a part. "These aldermanic races, the mayor’s race, the city attorney's races all matter, and they matter a lot."

Other matters discussed during the session included access to transportation, gun control and healthcare.

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