Record Warmth Coming this Weekend with Rain

Overall temperatures the past few months have been warm, but the past few days have really upped the ante. Thursday Milwaukee reached a high temperature of 57° just one away from the record of 58°. That warmth surges as we head into the weekend with highs on Saturday expected to be just a few degrees below record range and highs on Sunday forecast ABOVE the current record set back in 1975.

Unfortunately, for those who like golfing and fortunately for those who want to ice fish - cooler and more average temperatures will return in about a week.

Sunday's record warmth will be accompanied by some serious rain as a wet warm front crosses Wisconsin. Rain is expected to start late Saturday and last through Monday. One or two breaks in the rain are possible Sunday but consider yourself lucky if you see one! By Monday afternoon most communities in our area will pick up 1-1.5" of rain with isolated spots seeing the possibility of 2".

The risk for thunderstorms is possible as well with lighting delays at Lambeau Field not out of the question. (Never thought we would be saying that in December!) If you are heading up to the game expect it to be rainy, windy and warm. Bring the poncho!

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