Rare group of otters sighted in downtown Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- River otters have been spotted in Milwaukee. 

According to the DNR, a group of otters was caught on video near the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design Milwaukee. It is the first documented otter sighting in downtown Milwaukee.

In the video the group of three otters is seen playing in the snow.

In the past the DNR has confirmed otter sightings in northern Milwaukee County around River Hills and south near the Root River Parkway. 

The DNR credits habitat restoration efforts by a wide variety of partners that have increased water quality and the habitat for fish, frogs and crayfish which are all food sources for otter.

Otters have unique adaptations for life on the water. They have webbed toes and valves in their noses and ears that close while they’re under water. They are also known to make chirps or grunts when playing or grooming, high pitched squeals when fighting or mating and snorts when surprised or frightened.

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