Rain check after a week of storms

NOW: Rain check after a week of storms

We've had some really good rain with storms over the last few weeks, but has it been enough to reduce our ongoing rain deficit? The short answer is no, but it will take weeks and months of consistent rain chances for us to get anywhere close to normal when it comes to yearly rainfall. As of Saturday our year-to-date rain deficit sits at 7.25". That comes after some very impressive rainfall for the first half of August. Rainfall totals so far this month range anywhere from 2" in southern counties to almost 7" in northern counties.

But we have definitely made improvement. We're currently sitting as the 21st driest year to date with 15.31" of rainfall so far in 2021. That's a lot better than the 11" we had at the beginning of August which was enough to be the 2nd driest year to date. 

Our drought conditions have made some improvement over the last few weeks. We are no longer in any extreme drought anywhere. Severe drought does still remain in Walworth, Racine and Kenosha Counties but after a few months of being under drought conditions Milwaukee is no longer officially in a drought, just abnormally dry. We could continue to see improvements on the drought conditions in the next week. The next update comes in next Thursday, August 19.

Our weather will stay very quiet to start the new week with 0% chance for any rain and lots of sunshine expected for Sunday and Monday. Tuesday may be a bit different with a few weather models showing a chance for a few showers and storms mainly in the afternoon and evening. 

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