Racine woman trapped in her driveway

 RACINE- A woman in Racine said the city took her driveway and will not give it back.

Jennifer Nehmer's home is along Taylor Avenue in Racine where a large road renovation project has been going on for three months.

She said she found out Wednesday morning that her driveway was considered illegal by the city because it runs in the front of her house and not along the side.

Because of the position of her driveway the Racine City Engineer said he got the go-ahead from the Chief building inspector to put up a curb in front of Nehmer's home, blocking her access to the street.

Nehmer was given an appeals paper, but she will have to pay for the appeal and have to wait to find out if she'll get her driveway back.

If she is allowed to have her driveway, she'll, once again, have to pay to undo what the city has done.

\"I feel trapped, yeah,\" Nehmer said.

CBS 58 reached out to the Chief Building Inspector, Kenneth D. Plaski, but have not heard back.

Nehmer said that before she owned the house, her in-laws lived there for 42 years with no issues with the driveway.

She said work has been done on the road before and this never came up then either.



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