Racine & Me, June 11, 2017: Rugged Country Customs, 30 Years of RSO Lakeside Pops, EVP, and the Racine Zoo

NOW: Racine & Me, June 11, 2017: Rugged Country Customs, 30 Years of RSO Lakeside Pops, EVP, and the Racine Zoo

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Jacob Kittilstad unveiled a new table for Racine & Me designed and built by Rugged Country Customs. The business operates out of the Village of Caledonia and was started by a husband and wife when they were having trouble making ends meet. The reason money was tight is because their son had a severe heart problem that required surgery when he was a toddler. They started making furniture to pay their bills and travel expenses associated with the healthcare. Now their son is in good health and about to enter the first grade - but the couple continues to make furniture because they enjoy the challenge. Click here to learn more about the business

Next, the Racine Symphony Orchestra came by the studio to celebrate their 30th year organizing Lakeside Pops – RSO performances with a party atmosphere. This theme for the June concert is “Cartoons in Classical Music”.  A French horn player who was there from the beginning told Jacob about how much the event has changed since its first year. The RSO’s executive director also talked about how leisurely the event is for visitors who often show up early for the shows to eat and drink together. Click here to learn more

Summer is here and the EVP Tour Series will soon have their stop in Racine. Real Racine says the Racine Beach Sports Festival has brought the volleyball celebrities to the city for the past 14 years. The event is used as a qualifier for future championship EVP volleyball competitions. The best part is that anyone can watch the competition for free at North Beach – but Real Racine says it’s wise to remember your sunscreen and picnic gear. Click here to learn more

Finally, the Racine Zoo talked about their June events with the help of Nina: a western fox snake. The Racine Zoo is hosting a special Putt-Putt Golf Tournament and BBQ on Father’s Day. And on Saturday, June 24 the Racine Zoo will host World Giraffe Day (the zoo can’t bring a giraffe on the show – that’s why they brought Nina to represent animals with long necks). They’re also looking forward to their World Wine Wednesday in June which will feature wines from Spirits of Norway Vineyard – the result of a connection they made during their last appearance on Racine & Me.

Guests:  Jason Locke – Rugged Country Customs, Chelsea Locke – Rugged Country Customs, Landon Locke – Incoming first grader, Beth Bender – Racine Symphony Orchestra Executive Director, Curt Hubbman – Racine Symphony Orchestra French Horn Player, Cari Greving – Real Racine Events Manager, Beth Heidorn – Racine Zoo Executive Director, Kristina Pearson – Racine Zoo Operations Manager

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