Racine & Me: Homeless in Racine, New Nutrition Store Opens and an Indoor Farmer's Market

On this edition of "Racine & Me," we've got updates on some of the most talked about stories coming out of Racine county, including a new home for kitten that was left for dead and a sweep by police that put dozens of criminals back in jail. 

We continue our discussion on homelessness in Racine. A local pastor tells us about what she and her church are doing to make sure the homeless don't go hungry this winter. 

Plus the holidays are coming up but its just as good a time as ever to stay fit and healthy. We meet with the owners of a new nutrition store and see what all they have to offer. 

And speaking of the holidays, don't let the cold weather keep you from hitting a farmer's market--Milaeger's tells us all about their indoor market and they say it's about more than just fresh produce. 

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