Racine & Me December 31, 2016: Pay it Forward, GED Initiative, Wisconsin Pet Care, Therapy Dogs at School

On this episode of Racine & Me, we'll take a look at the top headlines out of Racine County, including a story about a couple who started a chain of kindness, after a Grinch nearly stole Christmas from a local waitress. 

And did you know, there's more than 15,000 people who have not completed their high school education or equivalent in Racine County? We'll tell you all about an initiative to change that. You can find more information here: http://racinecounty.com/government/workforce-solutions/ged-initiative

Plus Wisconsin Pet Care is here with us. We'll hear about the services they offer, learn how to keep our animals safe in the winter season and we will also hear about how they have partnered with a local elementary school to provide therapy dogs for children in need. You can find their services here: https://wisconsinpetcare.com/

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