Racine & Me, April 30th, 2016: Lakefront Artist Fair, Human Trafficking Self Defense Class and Demo, Children's Mental Health at Racine Zoo

On this episode of Racine and Me, it’s an event connecting local artists to the community and its been going on for 35 years.

We hear all about the Lakefront Artist Fair and what kind of fun you can get into this year.

Plus human trafficking-it’s made headlines recently-because it’s happening right here, where we live.

We'll tell you about an upcoming event to bring awareness to the problem-but its also one that will also teach you about ways to protect yourself. It’s a self-defense class that will give you and any potential victims the confidence to evade their attackers.

And we even have a demo of these self-defense techniques.

Plus! A reminder about how important it is to have children who are not only physically but mentally fit.

We hear all about the children's mental health day going on at the Racine Zoo.

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